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TAVA (a.k.a Antoine Tavaglione) is a Montreal based painter, muralist and illustrator. Not one to shy from the spotlight, he has made waves with his controversial mix of pop art, political banter and high fashion. TAVA takes an omnivorous approach to culture both high and low, interacting with its symbolism and cult figures through his tongue-in-cheek style and signature ‘dripping’ visual effect. Navigating between the artistic and commercial worlds, he places himself in the posterity of artists who have recognized and incorporated the mercantile principles into their artistic practices, such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Ron English. 

TAVA first became known for his trademark illustration of a screaming heart. Charged with multiple meanings, his screaming heart not only refers to heartache, but also to the emotions that are repressed, digested and repressed. Through the staging of this figures, TAVA aims to exteriorize this paralyzing emotions by juxtaposing them with the many humorous and political references that characterize his work.

 TAVA has exhibited his work in New York, Miami, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Dubaï, and Barcelona to name a few. After acquiring his Bachelor's degree in visual arts at Concordia University, he debuted his artistic career as an art director. He has collaborates with numerous companies such as Adidas, Nike, Vans, Toms and Ford and applied his own signature to products and commercial spaces.

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