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Dominique Fortin's work can be characterized as an unwavering exploration of human nature. Initially drawing from a modernist tradition, her work has evolved into a unique style that is almost dream-like, full of fantasy and romanticism, childlike innocence and raw emotion. Fortin suggests that her works, at one point, were a representation of reality, but as her artistic style has progressed, she finds herself captured within this dream-like world where the characters are not actors on a stage but rather the catalysts of unsolicited emotion.

She is inspired by the ideals of "optimistic perspectives, the delightful aesthetics" and the constant redefinition of life. She is currently influenced by individuals that listen to their heart, those that devoting themselves towards an ideal and people that are true to themselves. True to herself, Fortin has begun further introspection into her work stating, "my practice of yoga has deeply oriented my approach to life and inevitably to my work." She continues to focus on themes of childhood, and how this "paradise lost" has become found again in her own children. Fanciful, and imaginative, these paintings represent the second coming of Fortin’s youth.

Symbolism continues to be a key component of Fortin's work. Birds and butterflies are repeated throughout, serving as symbols of metamorphosis and the cyclical nature of life. In the artist's words, "they are the soul freed from its physical incarnation." Fortin has continuously focused on the reciprocity between humans and nature. This is strongly exhibited in her works where animals and humans are united. Fortin has found an artistic language that is unique; by adding text and various techniques such as gilding, image transfer and fabrics, each work is visually rich with layers of texture with room for multiple interpretations. These techniques and concepts allow Fortin to create pieces that not only echo her optimistic, romantic ideals but allow her to speak symbolically through her artwork.

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