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Knowledge Bennett, born Dec. 5, 1976 in Asbury Park NJ, is a self-taught visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. Fueled by his own entrepreneurial record of success in various industries, Knowledge has trained his artistic talent through work in commercial photography and fine art studio practices. Well versed in the rich history of the 1960’s American Pop Art Movement, Knowledge’s work displays a purposeful familiarity yet possesses a deeper and more meaningful conceptual understanding. Immersed in modes of mechanical reproduction he creates artworks that play to a sociological understanding of political and ideological tensions that resonate in todays world. Recent works have been featured in numerous international art fairs and exhibitions as well as media outlets such as Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, Huffington Post, and Artsy. 

“Be it the world of politics, socioeconomics, entertainment etc. one benefits greatly by understanding where we as a nation have been and are headed due to our values, traditions and overall priorities. America’s history is a young history, the likes of an extremely talented young adult, whose ego and pride can sometimes get in the way causing us to, at times, fall short of our true potential.”

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