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The tape is the message. A parody on Marshall McLuhan's famous quote could explain the superficial motives, which make up the work of Mark Khaisman - an impressive and hypnotic creation, a source of curiosity and pun. Making use of two unusual and daily basic ingredients, sticky tape and Plexiglas, Mark creates works where technique plays a large part. By superimposing layers of tape he creates a stratification, which produces pictorial illusions highlighted by the color, shading and embossment. This result is achieved by way of transparencies and opaqueness, by working on translucent surface placed over a light source. The complete dependency on artificial light source can be seen as pure function, at the same time may bring notions of visible and invisible, existence and non-existence. Once the implausible nature of his work is accepted, one can begin to think about the kind of images chosen to be portrayed, which are categorized into different groups: fragmented stills from classic cinema, iconic objects from art history and from pop culture. The work is exploring the familiar as our shared visual history; made of a familiar material formed into a familiar image. Through the familiar, Khaisman builds an image that is as fragile as its material, asking the viewer to recognize and complete the work, stimulating both memory and interpretation in the process. 

Mark Khaisman studied art and architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute. He worked for several decades in architecture, animation, and stained glass design. He began exhibiting his tape works in 2005 and has since gained recognition in the United States and around the world.

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